St. Stephens Anglican Church


We are a Christian Organisation based in Lyttleton.


I wish to express to you my deep appreciation for your giving of your finances to God’s work in our parish and diocese, whether through Sunday offerings, dedicated giving or donations. The Parish Council is committed to handling the financial sacrifices you make with responsibility and transparency. We have a standard operating procedure for the approvals of parish expenses, and Wardens and Rector check and sign off on every expenditure each month.
To give you a sense of how parish funds are used, based on the first half of 2023:
About 41% of parish income goes to the Diocese and is used to fund ministry in parishes that cannot afford a priest.

About 11% of parish income goes towards outreach, including support to parishioners who are struggling financially.
About 25% of parish income goes towards staff salaries.
About 8% goes towards operating expenses (water, electricity, maintenance and repairs, etc.).
About 9% goes towards maintaining the plant, including insurance.
About 5% goes towards parish ministry.
Any surplus goes into our savings.
Rev Marti and I do not draw an income from the parish or Diocese


Our Mission: To be anchored in the love of God, the Father


Our vision: To be committed to the mission of God, the Son.

Our Values: To be transformed by God, the Holy Spirit